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Our service division provides 24 hour, total facilities maintenance covering all storage and dispensing systems for service stations, unmanned fuel facilities, and aviation sites.

Our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles provide on-site servicing and repairs as well as preventative maintenance and meter calibrations. We have a network of contractors nationwide so we can deliver solutions wherever you are. 

Scheduled Fuel Equipment Checks

We offer six monthly preventative maintenance programmes tailored to your site covering fuelling facilities, lubricant dispensing equipment and wastewater management systems.

Defects can be fixed at the time of the check minimising call outs and a full report is provided following the check identifying areas requiring maintenance.

Dispenser Meter Calibration (TMU)

Fuel dispenser meters should be calibrated annually and we can arrange this for you as part of your preventative maintenance programme.

Petroleum Services has gained qualification to certify liquid dispensing systems in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act 1999 for the following categories:

- Driveway Flow meters - Class 0.5 (fuel dispensing systems such as petrol pumps)
- Liquid Measuring Instruments - Ethanol - Class 0.5 for loading road tankers
- Liquid Measuring Instruments - Fuel - (including oil meters) - Class 0.5 on
road tankers
- Liquid Measuring Instruments - Milk - Class 0.5 on road tankers

We have a purpose built trailer measure that can be used to certify delivery rates up to 1200 litres per minute.

Diesel Sampling

We recommend annual biological testing of your diesel tank. Testing consists of our field technician taking a sample from the bottom of your diesel tank which is then sent to Biodet laboratories for analysis and reported back to you. Following the receipt of this report we will discuss options with you for addressing any issues identified.Click to edit your paragraph


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