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Tank & Line Testing

As certified and experienced Leighton O'Brien technicians, our tank tests are extremely reliable and efficient in detecting leaks with precision unmatched by most other tests.

We offer mass based wet testing and nitrogen decay ullage testing for service stations, diesel stops, aviation facilities, terminals, marine facilities and private bulk fuel storage facilities. All testing services are performed by trained, certified and experienced technician, with the highest attention to site safety and environmental management.

All site data is reviewed centrally by Leighton O'Brien to ensure data quality is acceptable, the analysis is correct and the results are consistent with the evidence collected. Following testing a detailed report is provided outlining findings and any further recommendations for the site. Testing is fast and convenient with minimal disruption and all parts of a tank system can be tested at any fill level.

If you have an indication from a monitoring system that you are losing stock or gaining water, you may need a tank and line test.
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