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Mobile Tanks

Carlyon division can supply a full range of mobile tanks for transporting diesel or petrol, designed and built to EPA & HSNO standards.

Trailer Tank Standard Features include: Top suction to 50mm Honda Pump, Rear Shunt Protection, Rear Stabilizing Stand, Fully Galvanized Chasis


Bulk Tanks

Farm Fuel Tanks

Mobile Fuel Tanks

Ute Tanks

1100L Diesel Trailer Tank – Basic Spec
Tank Size Options: 600L – Single Axle (Un-braked), 1100L – Single Axle (Un-braked or Braked)

Pumping Options: Semi-Rotary Hand Pump Electric 12VDC or Honda Motorized

Braking Options: Non-braked (standard), Hydraulic actuated disc (optional)

1100L Diesel Trailer Tank – Contractor Spec
Includes heavy duty axle and hydraulic brakes, 50mm motorized pump with filter (80L per minute), flow-meter, 5m hose and Husky auto shut-off nozzle. Also features top suction & rear mounted enclosure housing all pumping equipment for added safety and security.
1580L Diesel Trailer Tank – Contractor Spec
Includes heavy duty tandem axle and hydraulic brakes, 50mm motorized pump with filter (80lpm), flow meter, 5m hose and husky auto shot-off nozzle, all in a lockable compartment so nothing can be tampered with.
1850L Diesel Trailer Tank – Contractor Spec
Includes motorized 50mm Honda Motor Pump (80L per minute), 5M Hose and auto shut-off nozzle. Also includes lockable motor cover box and can include hydraulic braking options.
1850L Custom Diesel Trailer Tank
Includes motorized 75mm Honda Motor Pump (105L per minute), flow filter and flow-meter, 12m 1-1/4 ” hose, hose reel & high flow auto shut-off nozzle. Also includes lockable motor cover box, twin axle hydraulic braking.
Diesel Trailer tanks
Our Trailer tanks range in size up to 2000L for the transport of diesel only. They are built to Warrant of Fitness standard, with lights etc and ready for registration. Can be fitted with either hand pumping units or with motorized dispensing systems. Our trailer tanks come with high quality fuel hoses and automatic shut-off nozzles to reduce the risk of overfilling. All units are vented with pressure vacuum vent, have calibrated dipsticks and are lockable. We fit a high quality filter and can also add a flow meter if required.
Trailer Tank Hirage
1580L Hire Tank
This trailer tank is available to hire for any period of time. The tank is located in our Hamilton depot and can be collected from our site once a booking has been made. The tank has a fuel gauge to monitor fuel consumption whilst you are re-fueling. Any queries regarding this tank please contact us now.
Diesel Trailer Tanks

Our trailer tanks provide industry proven design and reliability for transporting diesel direct to your site/equipment. All of the units in this range come with braking as standard and up-rated springs and hub/stub sets. The units can be fully customized to to meet your exact requirements.

Tank Size Options
600L, 1100L, 1300L – Single Axle
1400L, 1580L, 1850L, 2000L – Tandem Axle
Pump Mounting Options
Rear Fully Enclosed (as pictured)
Pumping Options
Honda Motorized (50mm Standard)
Electric 12VDC (optional)
Braking Options
Hydraulic actuated disc (standard)

LED 12/24VDC Lights (standard)

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